11 Years of LBx Africa! What's Next For Us?

Events  /  20th June 2024

Wow - 11 years!

From our inception, we have held onto one clear vision: to bring uniquely African perspectives to global audiences. More than a decade has gone by, and while our core mission remains unaltered, much around us has evolved.

The path we have traversed fills us with gratitude, especially when we think of the countless lives our narratives have reached and impacted.

As we set our sights on the future, we are enthusiastic about our evolving ambitions. Over the next two years, we are continuously diving deep into the world of feature films and series, committing ourselves to producing both documentary and fictional narratives.

Parallel to this, we are navigating the complex landscape of distribution, consistently learning and strategizing to ensure our growth in this domain. Another key focus is on enhancing our creative efficiency and also building on investment networks; reducing the time taken to develop compelling content.

Collaboration is at the heart of our endeavors. This month alone, we had the privilege of partnering with the exceptional team behind the short film, "Act of Love," stepping in as their Impact Producers.

After working on numerous impact campaigns of our own, our passion extends to sharing our knowledge in the impact space with other film teams. We are committed to ensuring growth and making a meaningful difference within the African continent.

To all our supporters, thank you for walking this journey alongside us and for allowing us to be a part of your story. While 11 years is a commendable landmark, in our hearts, it feels like just the beginning.

Our anticipation for the future is boundless, and we eagerly look forward to many more years of sharing captivating tales and forging impactful partnerships.

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