Beneath The Tides Cinema Run

Events  /  17th July 2024

We wrapped up Nairobi screenings for ‘Beneath The Tides’ early this month and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came through to support the collection in cinemas.

We are also grateful to Unseen Nairobi for hosting special Q&A’s for each of the films and to Prestige and Motion Cinemas for showing the film.

On 26th April, Beneath The Tides had a one-time screening at Nyali Cinemax giving audiences in Mombasa an opportunity to watch the collection.

Taking the films to Coast was exciting because it was one of the top filming locations. Lead Actors from Mawimbi, Hillary Namanje and Malik Lemuel joined in the screening and a post-screening Q&A discussion Moderated by DJ Lenium.

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