Impact - Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab

Events  /  20th April 2024

We are so proud to play a part in nurturing the next generation of film Producers through the Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab that happened this month.

This year's edition launched the inaugural documentary lab that was supported by LBx Africa and Documentrary Africa (DocA) expanding the lab's focus to training documentary producers. This was in a bid to fill the existing gap for producers in the documentary space.
The 3rd edition of the Great Lakes Creative Producers Lab brought together producers from East & West Africa, creating a platform where producers could begin to think around fostering collaborations within the region. Adding to the diversity was an entry from Ethiopia in collaboration with the partners – IEFTA.

The Lab continues to maintain its focus on addressing the knowledge gaps that exists in the industry for creative producers, with special attention to the development stage that is crucial to the success of the process, alongside an overview of the production & distribution elements. There was a call to create & develop compelling stories that resonate with audiences from the region and can compete globally.
Through its partners, the French Embassy (Kenya), CNC, ACP-EU, FOPICA & Docubox, the lab developed a two-part program that involved five participating producers from West Africa. As a result of this new partnership, five East African producers from this cohort will continue on to the second leg in Senegal of the Lab that will continue to strengthen relations between the East & West African film industries.
The lab continues to grow from its support from long-standing partners such as Africalia and USIU-Africa. This is in addition to partnerships that have seen the lab grow its efforts in fostering long-term support for the producers. This features a Rotterdam Lab participation & IFFR Accreditation, Statement Africa development support for 5 months, Federation Middle East & Africa development grant and support.


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