Let's Talk About Film Marketing

Events  /  20th June 2024

EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) is a distinguished organization dedicated to professional training, project development, and networking for audiovisual producers. The workshop was an immersive five-day experience delving into the realms of digital PR, social media management, digital marketing, and audience building, offering insights into both classic tools and cutting-edge trends.

Here are some key highlights and learnings Lucky Mwachi picked up from the workshop;

Dig into Marketing from the Get-Go! -  It’s important to start thinking about marketing from the beginning, even before production begins. A pro tip I gained is to secure key stills during development and craft a powerful image to resonate with sales agents. Get creative with pitch decks—think mood reels, promo reels, and pre-sales books. It's all about the details! As a filmmaker, you need to utilize the pre-production phase for a comprehensive SWOT Marketing analysis and create assets that captivate sales agents, boosting your film's marketability.

Press - Press assets for a film should never be an afterthought; they're a pivotal consideration starting from the pre-production stage. I’d encourage filmmakers to have a marketing person on the team from the beginning to start working on assets for press so that there is seamless alignment during the premiere season.  Also, consider budgeting for a stills photographer and have them well briefed so they can capture key high-quality images during production so you don’t have to rely too much on screen grabs later.

Navigating Social Media - When it comes to social media strategy, develop a comprehensive plan and budget while thinking about social media pages. The success of a social media campaign should be measured by the depth of audience engagement with your film from the target demographic. You also need to optimize assets for various social media platforms. This involves discerning the dimensions that work for different platform and tailoring your visual assets like trailers and stills accordingly. An example of this is to consider a trailer/teaser version for Instagram story dimensions to add on to the common landscape version that is used on social media feeds.

Tip for theatrical release -  Move beyond just creating awareness about your film. Instead, focus on fostering meaningful conversations and driving ticket sales. A successful marketing strategy should complete a full circle, leading to conversions and a positive Return on Investment (R.O.I). One thing we don’t have much of in our film industry that is very crucial is audience data. Access to audience data especially with theatrical screenings would be of great help in making strategic decisions and targeting the right audience for your film.


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